07 September 2010


Man, work has been CRAZY today!  And the hurricane is CRAZY!  And I'm CRAZY because I've had way! too! much! caffeine! today! omg! 

Not much time for a big post, but I did manage to pick up a couple of side tables over the weekend, from a friend who was getting rid of some extraneous stuff:

This side table, which is Ikea's FORNBRO (no longer available as such) - this will get a new coat of paint (I'm not sure what color yet), and is already serving as a second side table next to my couch in the living room. 


This beautiful little ...table? Display stand?  I'm going with "stand," since it's about 30" high, and too tall for an end or side table.    It's a gorgeous little piece - right now it's on my East living room wall between the entertainment center and the computer desk, under a HUGE "Janet Craig" Dracaena (also given to me by this friend with the tables over the weekend, along with another large tree and some clippings - yay, plants!)  I'm not sure what to put on top of it just yet, but I think my little red doumbek will look nice displayed on the lower shelf. The finish needs some cleaning up, and a loose joint along the bottom shelf needs to be repaired, but it's mostly in great shape.  And I loooooove it. :)

More stuff to work on, yay! 

This week, though, I'm picking away at my craft room.  I spent much of the weekend cleaning it up and spiffing up some of the furniture, and hanging a clock and a corkboard and a window treatment.  More on that later this week!



  1. BTW--I'm emailing you the provenance on that table, so you'll have it.

  2. I like the second table. Cant wait to see what you do with it.

  3. ha ha.. You seen to be having a crazy time.. I love the second side table.. and you can paint the first one.. a happy colour. .anything that you feel like today.. :-)


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