21 September 2010

♫ Toniiiight, Toniiiiight...♪♪

Plans! Yay!  This is me trying to get psyched about the next thing I need to do in my sewing room!  It's totally not working!

You know what is working? My bedroom closet...which is completely NOT working, which is why I'm excited about the sewing room.  Confused yet?  Me, too.  There are two bookshelves in my sewing room which are crammed full of crap, and there are two newly-updated/painted shelves in the garage that need to be moved into the sewing room, and there's a stair-step-shelf in my closet which doesn't remotely work for my storage needs in there and needs to go live in the garage where I can use all the storage I can get, no matter what it looks like.  (And we're up to four rooms now, if you're counting).

The next step in the sewing room - and if I can just get past this one (going on two weeks now!) I'll be OVER it and can move on to the fun part - is to unload all the crap from the shelves in there, and replace them with the newly painted shelves. 

And then I can move one of the old shelves from the sewing room into my bedroom closet, which is the part I'm excited about.  Because, at the moment, my bedroom closet looks like this:

When what I want is for it to look like this:


Just kidding.  (That's cool, though, isn't it?  Just a little bit goth-y. I like it). 

My master bedroom, bath, and closet are all done in the same color scheme and style (more or less, I've been tweaking recently)...but the closet "organization" is just awful.

Here's a mini-before (top left), along with the basic floor plan (lower left) and planned "after."    The shelf with the baskets on it is the one from the sewing room (which I originally built to hold shoes in the entryway, and which has also served time in the dining room as a junk magnet buffet).

Which brings us back to the sewing room, because that's where this shelf is right now, holding up some dangerously unstable cardboard boxes full of crap.  Yay, crap!

I tell you, if there was EVER motivation to go home and clean up my junk, it's this blog right here (which I'm enjoying thoroughly, but, YEESH).  Tonight: shelves!  Tomorrow: the world.


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  1. Oh yeah!! On to world domination....changing the way we live, one shelf at a time!

    Your enthusiasm's catching!! ( I just cleaned out one shelf-ful of crap myself!)


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