22 September 2010

Pushing Furniture + Time Travel + Unmentionables

I'm writing this last night (woo, time travel).  That piece of information will come in handy in a minute, I promise.

I got all of the shelves moved tonight! I emptied and removed two from the sewing room, and brought in two others from the garage that I'd painted black to coordinate, then loaded them up:


Um...yeah, I know this looks like ass.  It's not an "after" photo so much as a "during" photo - miles to go.  I need to go through the boxes and throw at least half the stuff in them away, and get nice storage containers that match and coordinate with the room.  But at least my sewing table no longer looks like this:

no, it's not always like this.  only tonight while I was moving furniture around

One of the shelves I removed from the sewing room became a "dresser" for my closet (after shoving the stupid step-shelf out to the garage).  Shelving unit + baskets =  dresser, right?


I mean, the shelf works great in there, but the baskets I had are totally the wrong size for it, so now I have to get more/different storage-container-type things (baskets? trays? take off and nuke the site from orbit?)

Also - this is where the time travel things comes in - it's 9pm, I haven't eaten since 1:00, and I just spent three hours pushing shelves around my house, and I'm freakin' tired.  So tired, in fact, that I took a scadzillion photos of my closet all of which ended up containing (a) a tube of deodorant, (b) a pair of boots so dusty that they look twenty years old, and (c) open baskets full of panties.

Oops.  :)

So instead of posting those pictures, you get this:

Is that a curtain bracket  that has no mate and is too big for the type of curtain rods I like to hang?  No!  It's a BELT RACK!

I'll post "real" pictures of the closet once I figure out the basket-y business in there, whenever that happens.  At least I have the shelf in there - that stupid step shelf has been driving me NUTS.

 Ikea from a million years ago

See?  NUTS!  I mean, it's cool and everything, but it fits nowhere and holds nothing and goes with none of my stuff, ever.   I just can't let it go, though. What can I say, I like it. But it's in the garage now, where it can at least keep some things off the floor no matter how weird a shape it is.



  1. OMG...my cats would love that shelf! Hee.

  2. Hehe - yeah, my cats like it, too. When I had it stuffed into the bedroom a while back just to get it out of the way, there were always at least two on it. That's actually the shelf I was thinking of carving up and making into actual cat-furniture...but I need storage in the garage more than I need cat-furniture.


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