27 September 2010

Derailment + Hat

Instead of working on the craft room, or the gardens, or anything, really, this weekend I was...asleep.  Due to the weather change (I think?) I had a migraine headache that lasted for two days, and only broke last night once the cold front finished coming in and the air pressure settled out a bit.


The good news - aside from the fact that I'm functional now, which is pretty freakin' awesome - it's 65º outside! Holy cow! Fall is here, yay!  *dances*

Also, I may be going camping this weekend.  I don't know for sure yet; but I'll likely be spending most of the week (after work) putting my camping gear in order and figuring out what to bring.  That and working in the yard, since the weather tells me that if I don't put down some grass seed RIGHT NOW I won't be able to fill in the spots in the front that I removed last week.


In lieu of a project update, today I bring you:


Which I guess sort of counts, since I made it, when I learned to crochet two years ago.  



  1. Haha, I like the hat--you look like a (cute) viking!

  2. Lol! This shall now be called my Fuzzy Viking Hat. ):)


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