14 September 2010

Oh, My, Starry-Eyed Surprise

This is my bedroom:

This is my bedroom on drugs:

Just kidding.  That's the main hall at Hogwarts with its enchanted ceiling.  I have, however, always wanted a starry ceiling, and have recently been thinking about doing something along those lines in my bedroom.  (I realize how seriously girly that sounds, but it rates on the Boyfriend-O-Meter, so it's all good).  

Because, well, this:

Country Living
And this:


And this:  

(dangly star)

I have all this paint sitting in my garage - greens and blues and blacks and purples - I could do this wonderful sponge-y cloudy thing like in the teal/peacock picture, then stencil little gold and silver stars - ooh, constellations?  Who knows!
Then again...painting ceilings...LOATHE.

I have way too much left to do in the craft room.  If/when I move on the bedroom ceiling* it'll be weeks and weeks from now.  I'm just thinking out loud, and dreaming a bit. :)

*And yes, the bedroom ceiling does need to be re-painted.  The blue color on it is from two years ago, and was never touched up after that paint job.  It's also the complete wrong blue, and always has been, but I let it go, because, hey, it's just the ceiling.  Also because I didn't have any ideas on what to do with it until recently. 



  1. ha ha ha.. I know the feeling... way too much to do in the craft room.. I just have way too much to do at home.. :-(

  2. Erm...I need to FIND my craft room...I lost it somewhere...

    (stupid WP.com doesn't recognize WP.org, apparently, so I have to continue to use my old blog profile)


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