01 September 2010

Some Days It Just Doesn't Pay To Chew Through the Restraints

I had all these grand designs last night concerning my laundry room - I was going to clean it up! I was going to paint it!  I was going to take down and re-hang the shelves!  I was going to fill holes, and move dusters and clothes-drying rods, and ---

...and then I started assembling my materials, and realized I had no roller covers!  UGH.  The whole project, the whole room, centers around a new coat of paint on the walls and shelves.  I couldn't even begin.  No problem, I thought, I'll just start on the craft room, and do what I can right now.  I managed to spray-paint a shelf black as I'd planned, but I used up my last two cans of black spray paint and couldn't finish the second one.  And again - everything else centered around painting with roller covers I don't have.  (And contact paper I don't have, and stencil tape I don't have, and...).

So, guess what I'm doing on the way home tonight?  LOL.

I don't know if I'll have time to do the entire laundry room.  First, I have to replace a ballast in the light fixture in my kitchen light.  It's been out forever, and I've never gotten around to fixing it (and you'd think I would, as handy as I am, and considering that I brought *lamps* into the kitchen to cook by, but noooo).  So:

  • kitchen light ballast
  • dinner
  • laundry room! 
Here's hoping tonight's plans go better than last night's!  :)


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  1. I know you got the ballast done. Here's to getting those roller covers today! I'm still fighting the decorating ogre myself. He won last night...I played games.


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