09 September 2010

Sewing Room - the Beginning of the After

A few "after"-ish pics.  ("afters" for the whole room will have to wait until I'm actually done with the whole room, which may be years from now, fair warning):

After cleaning out the room (two years ago!) and ripping up the ugly, dog-stained carpet (ewww), I painted the cement floor green and the walls grey (not the same grey in the living room, but these were the walls that inspired the grey in the rest of the house).  

The ironing board that started it all!   Okay, actually it was this photo (Pure Style Home) that "started it all" in my sewing room.

that Singer is so old it's *yellow*

The "chalkboard" corkboard over my work table, with my little color-scheme suggestions stacked against it for inspiration to keep going and not just go play video games.  I painted this corkboard with black chalkboard paint, since I need a corkboard to pin up patterns, measurements, and design sketches for costumes and things, but I wanted the look of a chalkboard.  Now I have both!  (And no, you can't write on it - the cork texture makes erasing chalk and cleaning the board pretty close to impossible). 

A cheap plastic clock I bought for my office a couple of years ago, with a new coordinating background (a computer printout of a needlepoint fabric from JoAnn's). 

A poor-quality photo of the new shade over the window in the same green damask-print cotton that I used to cover the ironing board.  It's basically stationary - it can be raised and lowered, but I made it for looks, not functionality.  I use the mini blinds behind the shade for privacy when I need it.

The last couple of days I've been moving furniture around and painting a couple of bookshelves black so that they'll all coordinate (instead of it looking like a flea market in this room) - no pics yet, but I plan to move them in over the weekend and continue working.

More to come!


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