28 September 2010


My BFF and I, in addition to all the other crazy junk we do, often sneak little gifts and joke-gifts into each other's homes, hiding little surprises here and there just to see how long it takes the other one to notice.

Friday night when she and I and Kress were at my place catching up on our Vampire Diaries, I noticed she'd done it again - a little brass Ganesh statue that she tucked into my meditation corner!

Squee!  *dances*  

I don't have pictures, because I'm still in the middle of freshening up the corner (my cats "meditate" there, too, so it gets covered in fur and I have to wash all the cushions once a week) to include my new elephant god - I'll try to get pics tonight so I can post them tomorrow. 

The camping trip I'm taking this weekend is another spiritual retreat for women like the one I go to in June, where there's a raffle, a couple of swap meets, and many vendors with beautiful wares to buy.  I'm hoping to come home with either new piece of fabric to add to the corner (a blanket/sari/sarong/etc.), or something for my little Ganesh to rest in/on.   :)

My BFF, by the way, is pretty freakin' awesome - her first fiction novel, which is her third book, just hit the shelves a couple of weeks ago.  Check it out! :)

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