21 September 2010

Regret and Woe

"I'll use this for something someday" gets me into a lot of pack-ratty trouble, as does "I bet I can make this into something cool" at garage sales and thrift stores.  I try to purge and make trips to Goodwill, SafePlace, and other charities on a regular basis (usually quarterly) to offset the damage, but sometimes, I'm a little too hasty.

Exhibit A:   my dad's old 2.5'-high wooden cabinet speakers from the 60s. WOW those are ugly!  They were broken, too - the heads were popped on both, and one had ratty, fuzzy wiring that needed to be replaced.  In the days before Craigslist, before I had a vehicle with which to cart them to the Goodwill, I gave these away for free to the first person I could find who would come pick them up and get them the hell out of my apartment.  (I found the picture above on Craigslist, actually... in San Fransciso. That's a bit far).

Oh, how I wish I hadn't.  End tables! Plant stands! Nightstands in the bedroom!  Remove the guts and the tops and use them as very large cachepots for enormous houseplants! Paint them!  Throw scarves over them! 

Oh, well. 

If I ever see these in person again, I'm getting a pair.


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