08 October 2010

Cold Feet

The weather around here has been amazing the last few weeks - so nice and cool and breezy!  It's finally cool enough that the floor's getting cold in the mornings when I wake up [way too early] for work during the week.

With three dogs, five cats, and a boatload of allergies, though, I don't have any rugs in my house, except for the ones by the cats' litterboxes that catch overspray from the digging.  I love rugs, and I'd have them scattered all over the place if I could; but they catch too much dust and pollen that the dogs bring in, and play hell with my sinuses.  Plus, they're too hard to clean. 

So bare feet + cold floors is an issue in the Winters.  I don't have slippers, also because of the dogs, lol - one of them can't distinguish my slippers from her fuzzy chew toys.  Socks are a pain in the butt to wrangle with in the mornings;  forget sleeping in them, I hate having my feet wrapped up like that while I'm trying to sleep.

But I am constantly on the lookout for cheap, cotton rugs in smaller sizes - no longer than 5' - that I can layer on the floors and throw into the washing machine once a week.  You hear that Ikea?  I'm coming. Get the small cotton rugs out!  

I've also been thinking about getting some short lengths of the hairy/furry material from the fabric store (I call it Monster Fur) to toss on the floor in imitation of those fuzzy Flokati rugs...but I'd be worried about them going bald in the dryer.  Hm. 

What about you? Rugs, no rugs? Cold feet in the morning:  yes, or no?  Some people like that, I hear.  ;)



  1. Laura... I live in Dubai.. where it really doesnt go below 24degC... So.. rug or no rug.. we dont have cold feet.. :-)

  2. Heh. That sounds awesome, Patty :) It really only gets down to about 30-40 here in the middle of winter, but that's plenty cold for me. I hate cold!

  3. World Market has small cotton rugs, and Home Depot very often has a pile-o-cotton rugs for like 2 bucks. Gardenridge is another place to check.

  4. They do; so does Target. I check all those places for rugs every time I go, I'm just waiting for that magical day when they're on sale AND the right colors at the SAME TIME. I know, it's a lot to hope for, but, I'm no quitter. ;)


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