12 October 2010


Here I am!  Your turn to hide.

I dunno, I'm just slacking this week.  People do that sometimes. :)  Mostly I'm checking out two new computer games that I got, working in the backyard (sprucing up the patio some more, instead of demolishing the whole thing in frustration like I was talking about the other week, and it's going really well), hanging out with friends, and catching up on some stuff in my Netflix queue.  :)

I did, however, have a mini-thriftstravaganza last week where I got some clothes and a purse for like $12, total (I know! Crazy!)  While I was there I grabbed a beautiful and LARGE turquoise scarf covered in paisleys, little tiny mirrors embroidered on, with a beige-black-gold border print all the way around the edges.  It looks like a little sari - and it was three dollars.  Score!

I hung it up on my back door last night as a curtain, just to see.  I think I like it.  It's a BIG patch of turquoise - which is what I've been wanting more of in the room/house;  I can't decide if it's too much, or if it's too much only because I'm not used to going that bold (something I'm trying to learn to do this year).

Anyway...no pictures.  I know, I'm a big tease.  Maybe tomorrow. :)

::Edited to add:: 

1.  One of my new games is The Sims.  Is it weird that I'm having SO much fun building and decorating the little houses?  :)

2.  I'm getting a work table for my garage/workshop and a rolling filing cabinet from work for free, since we're getting rid of some things this week;  the cabinet, I believe, is exactly the right height for my sewing table, to replace one of the wire racks and organize my sewing stuff better.  Woohoo!  I hope it works.  If not, it'll go into my shop, too, and be turned into a tool chest. 


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