05 October 2010

Straight from Nature to You

Aw, man!  I took ALL these pictures of the awesome lounge area we made around our campsite this weekend, and most of them didn't come out.  Most of the close-up shots worked okay, though they don't give you any idea of how *badass* our campsite area was.

We pitched our tents in a circle around a group of three trees and four large, flat boulders next to the creek.  Between them we laid out piles and piles of rugs, cushions, blankets, and pretty sarongs and tapestries spread all over the ground to sit and lay down on.  Naps were taken, songs were sung, and food was eaten here.  This candle lantern, from my living room, hung directly over the center of the lounge area.

We burned incense nearly constantly throughout the weekend.  I was surprised how well the scent of Nag Champa & Amber went with the scents of hot dogs and marshmallows, LOL. 

Everyone contributed to the altar/shrine design.  There were symbols and tools and Goddesses from at least three different spiritual traditions on our group altar.  We figured they'd all get along with each other.  I really can't imagine any god not having a sense of humor about their silly little humans.  ;) 

I *love* the bright colors we ended up with.  LOTS of blue and gold and purple everywhere you looked, completely by chance.  :)

The remains of the community bonfire from Friday night (this is like 15' across!), with smoldering stumps looking for all the world like feet sticking up out of the sand on a beach.  :)

Looking down the creek from my campsite.

Ripening persimmons  in the trees hanging over my campsite.  I brought several home that I picked from the tree and from the ground below it, in various stages of ripeness and/or decay, to see if I can start a tree of my own at home.  :)

A painted tree stump I found in the woods. 

And, finally...

Proof that I really was there, lol.  I almost never get pics of myself when I go places.  But I started my own little tradition when I was 15:  everywhere I go on any sort of vacation, I take a picture of my feet in that place.  One day, when I sort them all into some sort of album, the feet pictures will be my cover/title page for each vacation.  :) 


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  1. Goodness, looks like you had FUN! :) I like the "feet" idea! :)


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