25 October 2010

Hallo-week Episode 1: The Food

Decided to do Halloween-week here in The Land of Laura.  #1, because it's my favorite holiday.  2, it's also my birthday-week, and I can make five Halloween posts in a row if I want to, so there:P   3.  Because I had my annual Halloween-Birthday* party this past weekend, and I have *lots* of pictures.


Yup. That's one of the cutting boards I made last week.

Thing the first:  the dining room table!     Complete with cheeses and meat cleavers (MWAHAHAAA!!!), "bleeding" candles, dead flowers, black doilies on old tarnished silver, red-and-black table linens (and curtains, in the background), and...

THE MOST AWESOME CUPCAKES IN THE WORLD, instead of a single birthday cake, made by my best friend, who is a *fantabulous* baker.  These are  Tiramisu cupcakes with cream-cheese icing, a wonderully squishy center full of a mixture of Kahlua and espresso, and topped with cinnamon and chocolate-covered espresso beans.  Pardon me while I have a cake-gasm.  Mmmm.  Plus? Cute little "Poison" and "Toxic" cupcake paper cups.  :)

(Know what else is cool?  The cuppies 100% vegan.  Even the cream cheese icing, which I think is better than the "real" thing!)

More tomorrow!

* which shall hereafter be known as "Birth-O-Ween", after one of my guests wished me a happy one of those as he left Saturday night, and it totally cracked me UP. 

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