29 October 2010

Rolling Tool Cart, Here We Come...?

News on the file cart/tool cart:  I emailed the used furniture company where my workplace got the file cart;  if I bring it by over the weekend they may have a key that fits the lock.  If not, there's a locksmith down the street that can make a key for it (the hardware store down the street from my house can do the same thing, and probably cheaper).

Here's hoping.


Omg, it was IN MY PURSE the whole time!


I suddenly remembered that there was a hole in one of the pockets, and thought that maybe the key slipped through and was actually *inside* my purse - so I took everything out of it, and there it was, tangled up in the little blanket-thingie I use to clean my glasses (though apparently not very often).

I put it *on my key ring* so I wouldn't lose track of it again.  D'oh!


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