21 October 2010

October Blog Carnival: The Cook's Nook

It's kitchen time!  The Key Bunch exhorts us, this October, to share our kitchens.
Here are a few of my favorite things about my own kitchen:

(pls. excuse the lighting here; the overhead was broken when I took this)

1.   All! This! Space!  Perfect for team-cooking, serving spaces at parties, and piling up lots of junk that I bring home from work/the store, drop on the counter and then forget to put away for a week.  D'oh!

2.   The dark wood cabinets (which I paint with a faux-bois finish over the existing combination laminate + wood surfaces).

3.   The soft, muted blue inside the cabinets which show off my blue and white dishes (more on that at a later date, as I replace some of the pieces that aren't working for me and update my glassware).

4.   My silly little canister labels:  Meth (flour), rat poison (wheat flour), arsenic (sugar), and...rice.  Okay, so I ran out of ideas.  ;) 

5.   The silver trivet (above) with the swirly tree on it, which I got at Target a million years ago. 

6.  The chalkboard on my pantry door, made with a scrap sheet of hardboard (masonite)  + chalkboard paint.  Here it is decorated in a Sweeney Todd theme for my upcoming Halloween party.  

7.  The pot rack shelf thing I built to go next to my refrigerator earlier this year. 

8.  The cutting boards that I posted about yesterday, which I made from a salvaged butcher-block counter top slab.

Yay, kitchen!  



  1. Thank you Laura! I love, love, love your kitchen ideas. The personal touches, the labels :), all that space, and your blackboard...great ideas!

  2. I think that's the first finished picture of the potrack...it looks fabulous! I heart your kitchen. :)

  3. Thanks, Sharon!

    Racu: I posted about it in September when I finished building it: http://pushingfurniture.blogspot.com/2010/09/wildebeests-kitchen-potrack.html But glad you like! I sure am loving it. It's come in SO handy, and there's SO much more space in my pantry now!

  4. And so you did... The metro shelf is what took the congestion off my counters and out of my cabinets. My kitchen is about the same size as yours, sans the breakfast area, but I don't have the bar and anywhere near the cabinet space. If I a chunk of change...oh the fixes I could fix...

  5. I almost feel guilty about all that cabinet space - the bottom half is nearly empty. When my back is acting up, I can't get into them, so I can't keep anything I use regularly in them. That's why the cookware was in the pantry to begin with. D'oh!

  6. You could always use sturdy plastic baskets or I've found that these http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10177606 (only $2.50!!) fit standard lower cabinets perfectly, and store craft stuff in those unused ones. The baskets slide in and out and can be taken to wherever you're working, making clean-up a snap.

  7. Hee Hee. Love the arsenic and rat poison labels.

    Living where I do, the meth is not so funny. :(

  8. Yeah...I know a person who's dealt with a family member with addiction problems. Didn't know that until the person saw my canister. I keep meaning to replace that one, and do something with the rice. :(

  9. Laura, ur kichen looks great, love the open selves, it take great effort to always keep them organized. ur kitchen is very personalized, love that.

  10. Thanks, Nayana! And thanks for stopping by ~ I love your blog design! :)


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