13 October 2010

Free Stuff!

This is the little rolling desk-cabinet that I'm swiping from work, probably tomorrow: 

Orange-y oak-like finish over MDF, nothing terribly fancy.  But with a coat of primer and a coat of paint, it'll either (a) go into my sewing room, painted white, or (b) become a rolling tool cart in my shop, painted BRIGHT RED like those metal tool cabinets that are so popular.  I'm hoping for sewing room.  I'd know by now, if I'd remembered to measure my sewing table when I got home last night, but nooooo. 

This is the shelf-y thing in the break room.  MORE wire shelves, I know - this one is much tougher than the rinky-dink ones in my sewing room;  it'll probably go into the garage/shop, too, for extra storage.  At least, the metal part will.  The top is a section of butcher-block that someone cut to fit the wire rack;  I'm thinking that the top would make a fantastic low-slung side table with a couple of junk legs I have lying around and maybe some nifty trim or an awesome paint job. 

We shall see. 

 (It helps that Monday was Bulk Trash Day, so I emptied out like half a garage full of junk I'd acquired thinking I'd use it for something but then never did.  Space to work, yay!)


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