29 October 2010

Weekend Plans: Garage/Workshop Cleanup!

I'm hoping to spend some of the weekend cleaning up my garage, which is a task that's been looming for several weeks now.  Every time I go out there to get something or put something away, I want to run back into the house without looking at anything.  Ugh.

This is my garage.  If you only look at the "furniture"  (shelving, work tables, etc.), it looks pretty spacious and organized; but, all the black fluffy stuff I drew on the picture represents JUNK all over the floor.  Yeah.  It's that dirty in there.   And most of it is old furniture, discarded projects, bits and pieces that I could throw out or sell on Craigslist that I never get around to doing. 

Like this thing, which started life as the skeleton of an aquarium cabinet I started to build four years ago but I never got around to finishing - I just piled stuff on top of it and inside of it.  Oops. 

And the kitchen rack thing I scavenged from work the other week, which is still disassembled and piled on the floor, instead of put together and being useful.  (But at least I did something with the top).

This is what I want the garage to look like:

See the awesomness?

It could look like this, if it wore Old Spice if I'd clean up, throw things out, sell some other things, prime and paint that little rolling cart and make a tool chest out of it (if I ever find the key or a way to pry the top drawer open), and re-organized some stuff in the garage into a more logical and useful arrangement.

I have some shopping to get done tomorrow afternoon, and then a Halloween party to go to, and a wedding to go to on Sunday.   So I may not get anything done over the weekend besides that.  But I'm hoping I have the get-up-and-go to clean up the garage tomorrow morning.  As messy as it is, it's only about two hours' work if I get started early.

Wish me luck.   And stay tuned for the inevitable "I didn't do anything this weekend but take a nap" post, LOL.  :B


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