07 October 2010

IKEA to the Rescue!

Oh my gosh, where has this BEEN all my life??

This is IKEA's HELMER cabinet, and it's perfect for my sewing table in the craft room, to replace the "legs" that I have under it right now...

This is a really old picture, and almost everything about this view of the room has been changed by now;  but the wire shelving holding up the table top is, unfortunately, still a thing.  It works, height-wise, but there's a lot of wasted space there, in between and around the plastic baskets full of notions and trims.  I'd been looking at the VIKA ALEX unit, for all the short drawers, but the HELMER fits my needs much better  (and my budget, at half the price of the ALEX).

from Re-Nest, via Apartment Therapy

My birthday's coming up this month.  I wonder if I could convince everyone I know just to give me an IKEA gift certificate so I could put them all together and have one big shopping spree?  LOL.  ;)

Mmmm, swedish meatballs...



  1. The other plus to these is the dust factor. I have TONS of Elfa drawerage...and the dust that gathers in the contents is staggering.

  2. That's a huge factor, too. I love the way open storage looks, but, in a house with five cats and three dogs - plus all the pollen and dust that blows in from outside? Forget it.


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