27 October 2010

Furniture Refinish FAIL!

Remember this?

One-third of the solution for this?

Mmm...maybe not.  Too short!  I'd thought it was the right height, but I guess I measured wrong.  I have no idea what happened there.

Not that it's a huge deal.  My backup plan was to paint it red and use it in my workshop as a little rolling tool-cart, like a slightly-less-cool-but-just-as-cute version of these things:

And I got all set up to prime it last night, too, until I realized that the top drawer of the thing is locked...and that I've lost the key for it.  AUGH!!!!  I remember, when I was moving it out of my office, that I locked it and then put the key "in a safe place" so that I wouldn't lose it.  Now I just have to remember where that might be.  




  1. that rolling cart sounds like a great idea!!

  2. Who makes it? I might be able to find a key for it here at work. This is the Real Slim Shady...er...Other Laura

  3. Hi, Other Laura! Hm, not sure of the mfg. - I'll check and see if there's a name on it somewhere. (probably inside the locked drawer, lol).


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