02 November 2010

And here's why I have no update for you today.

Why the obsession with a plastic picture frame?

When I was a kid I had a clock that looked like this.  It's that simple.  It was small, maybe about 8" across, and ringed with frilly black plastic like this picture frame.  The face looked similar to this: 

It was, in fact, the clock I learned to tell time on.  My mother drew a picture of 8:00 and posted it on the wall next to my clock, and told me that I could get out of bed on Saturday morning when my clocked looked like her picture.  The first time I overslept I lay in bed upset until nearly ten am, waiting for it to be time to get up, until my mom came into my room to see if I was sick.  LOL.  

Anyhoo - when I saw the UNG DRILL on Ikea's website, I knew I'd found my old clock, or at least the means to make a new one for myself.  Until I saw it in the store and realized how BIG it is!  24" across!  32" tall!  I didn't want a HUGE clock!  

But I did think it would make an awesome mirror.  And then I thought it would make an awesome huge clock.  Or a picture frame...a blue one? White? Black?  No, wait, a mirror.  Except, where would I find the glass, and could I get some custom-cut to fit the frame?  Chalkboard? No, no...definitely artwork.  But what kind?  What style? Color, black-and-white, sepia...other?  But it should definitely go over the fireplace.  Or on the dining room wall.  Or maybe even on the back porch?  No, no, the bedroom.  Definitely the bedroom. Or maybe the wall over the fishtank. 

other people's ideas, via google search

The most recent plan - and the one that's stuck around the longest - was to work the frame into the art-wall in my bedroom: 


I've been playing with arrangements in here for a few days, and I can't come up with anything I like.  Even worse:  the more I play with it, the less sure I become of every idea I've ever had for this frame.  



  1. OH...I thought it WAS a mirror...silly me. (I think you and I were at IKEA at the same time Saturday, lol). Hmm.. that frame is not my style, so I dunno. Did you look at this shot on the Ikea site (of course you did) http://www.ikea.com/PIAimages/0124226_PE280358_S3.JPG Cuz, that's very much like your bed, would it work like that, or maybe in a group of similar frames?

  2. Cute! No, I hadn't seen that pic! I did think about doing something like that, but then I'd have to find something else to do with the big wooden screen, and I *love* it where it is.

    But I think I has an idea tonight...

  3. It depends on the creativity of each individual, how one can assume things and how to get the best out of it.


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