05 November 2010

Ung Drill: Clock?

Idea #1:

Meh?  It does make an cute clock.  At least, it makes a cute picture of a clock, since that's really all I've done - I wanted to test-drive the look before I got drill-y with it and actually spent the money on a clockworks kit...and before I ruined the glass.  

But it doesn't thrill me.  The style of the clock face doesn't remotely suit the style of the room (and I knew it wouldn't, but I wanted to try it out anyway just to see).  The collection of pictures on the wall next to it is all Divine Lovers and sensual Victorian/Pre-Raphaelite nudes, and the clock face's style just doesn't fit in.  Another style might, but I think I'd like to continue with the lovers/nudes theme.   I may even have just the thing, in my box o' posters.

I do know now that I want the frame a little farther away from the jali behind the bed that serves as a headboard-y type of thing:  the frame and the jali are both carve-y and curly and heavy and dark, and I do like the way they can work together, but having them so close to each other only highlights the differences, instead of creating a playful little dynamic between the two based on their similarities.

The other idea was to work the frame into the collection of artwork on the adjacent wall, and I DO like how that's turning out: it breaks up all the rectangles, as well as the Divine-Lovers/nudes theme which is repeated in the rest of the art in the master suite, too.   

I'm hoping this whole thing will suddenly spring into fabulous-ness over the weekend.  :)

An Aside: 
On the whole camera vs. lighting saga:  this is what I have to do to get a halfway decent picture of this corner next to the bed:

See how dark this corner is without the lamp on?  Actually being IN the room is somewhere between the two - not nearly that bright, but not that dark, either. 

More to come!


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