11 November 2010

Lust: The Ikea Post

Having recently acquired my beloved Ung Drill frame, after which I'd been lusting for over a year, it ocurred to me to share more of my Ikea-wants...in lieu of a "real" post, since I haven't done anything this week except play video games and work on my costume for the renaissance festival this weekend.  :)

I have no specific purpose in mind for any of these items, or any place to put them, really.  These are just things I love, because of their look, their feel, their design, or just for no reason at all. 

Vika "Fintorp" leg,  $10/each.   I'll never buy them, because they're just sheet metal (I will cut myself on these, I just know it), but I love the curvy lines. 

The "Trollsta" sideboard.  I love the look of this thing. I love the magnetic-catch drawers.  I love the versatility.  I love the details at the bottom, and the way they contrast with the smooth quietness of the rest of the piece.  It's also WAY too big for my house.

"Trones" shoe storage system, $40 for a set of three.  They seem like such a great idea...but they look really plastic in person, and I just can't see putting these out anywhere they'd be visible...but they might make great storage for something else, like in my craft room or garage.

"Tanja Brodyr" duvet cover & shams set.   I don't need a purple bedset, and I have no plans to make my bedroom purple.  But I loooooove this color in and of itself, the fabric is gorgeous, and the little star-shaped tucks in the fabric just thrill me.

Alas, I'm not gonna pay that much for a duvet set only to rip it apart and use the fabric for something else. 

"Gravyr" cabinet pulls (which I can't stop calling Gravy-arrr! in my head).  I don't want them, I just like to feel them every time I go into the store.  They're just about the only knob/pull/handle that Ikea carries that isn't uber-modern looking and overly shiny.

"Spraka" spice mill.  Which I would never, ever use (I know this because I don't use any of the ones I already have).  It's just neat. 

"Alseda" ..."stool."  I'm sorry, Ikea, but this is a floor cushion.  A stool is much taller, and usually has legs.  (This is also not a stool, it's an upside-down trash can).   But I love this little thing.  It's pretty.  It's simple.  And it's made of banana fibers, and I looooooove the way those smell.  I actually would buy this - as many of them as I could get away with owning, except that my dogs would probably eat them and my cats would either scratch them to pieces or pee on them.

I therefore admire Alseda from afar.  Sigh.

Aw, they don't have the Ludde throw rug in blue on the website!  Every time I see one in the store, my friends and I are like, "COOKIE MONSTER!  NOOOOO!!!"   Heh.

But, um...no.  Animal skins in my house: not so much.  Ew.



  1. Finally saw one of those straw pouffes from the bottom...there's a wire cage inside..

  2. Really?! That's interesting. I wonder if that would actually make it more stable in the long run, or you'd end up getting poked in the butt after sitting on it for three months. It could go either way.

  3. Laura.. I love that wicker stool.. and have eyed it in ikea for about two or three years now!! I go to Ikea.. to buy something.. but then land up buying all sorts of little junk stuff from there.. Its an usual story!


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