27 November 2010

Happy Belated Birthday To Me!

A friend I hadn't seen in a while surprised me the other day with a birthday gift - a gift card to Williams Sonoma! The day before Thanksgiving, another friend and I trekked out to the maul to spend it - she had one, too - and here's what I came home with:
This Goldtouch pizza crisper pan, with which I'm already in love.  I'd wanted something like this for a while, but I'd never seen this gold-colored non-stick finish (according to the package, it's the best thing to hit restaurant cooking, like, ever).  Haven't put a pizza on it yet, but practically the second I got it home I used it to make some awesome crispy pitas.  :)

This Basil-scented hand lotion...which doesn't really smell like basil (the plant or the spice), but it smells divine, and it's doing amazing things to my skin.  They gave me a pump to go on the bottle, but it was broken - I'll have to put it into a glass pump bottle if I still have an empty one lying around.  

A jar of WS's signature spices - a blend called Tandoori Spice that just makes my TOES CURL it smells so good.  I can't wait to try it out!

And a pack of kitchen towels -  these are similar; but the ones I bought (which aren't on the website for whatever reason) are actually a nubbly, fluffy microfiber - they feel amazing, and they dry SO well.  I have a set of larger microfiber towels for my hair that I got from Bloodbath & Beyond a million years ago that I adore, so I knew these would be awesome.  (Hm, I really do need new microfiber hair towels, mine are so old!)

I have to add, that I was kind of shocked at the entire experience.  I *hate* going to the mall, so, SO much.  It's noisy, it's crowded, and people are just so..grrr...I dunno, maybe I'm jaded by my experience working there when I was younger, but the whole thing just gives me hives. 

Except this time?  It was totally pleasant.  The place was beautiful, relaxed, and not very crowded.  WS' store was *gorgeous*, and the staff was so nice.  After shopping my friend and I had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, which was fantastic - the atmosphere, the food...and our server was hilarious.  :)

P.S. - I walked into WS thinking I'd get a set of  these, but once I saw them in person, I decided not to.  The short ones were freaking adorable, but the larger sizes were just...boring.  My quest for new glasses continues!  In the meantime, I may go get a couple of the small ones to use as dessert glasses, though.


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