16 November 2010


Remember the couch cover?  I'd almost forgotten about it myself - or would have, if not for the fact that after all the work I did in July, my couch is pretty much STILL covered by spare blankets.  Ugh.

But look!

Seat cushion covers!

This is where a zipper would go, if I had any upholstery zippers.  As it is, I'm stitching them closed for the time being, just to get them in place;  I'll go back and put zippers in at some later date.  At the moment, I just want the couch *done*.

plain ol' whipstitch

Oh, I'll still keep a [matching!] drop-cover over it to keep dust and cat hair off of the couch; but I'll be able to remove it for guests so they can sit on an actual, normal couch-looking couch.

Procrastination much?   Heh.  I know, I know.

Plus I still need to make covers for the back cushions.   Almost there...



  1. thats a lovely colour.. I like your idea of keeping a cover over it... I think I should do the same with mine... My kids seem to make a mess only the couches for some reason.. :-)

  2. I feel like I have more than my fair share of cat hair, even for the number of cats I have, lol. So the cover is necessary. I'd really like to do something like this in a similar brown so that it doesn't just look like a sheet:
    ... but I'm having trouble finding exactly the right fabric. I'm tempted just to buy white and try my hand at coffee-dyeing.

  3. Me likey...what fabric is it, linen...or a cotton duck? I need this color for our big black dog...who leaves big black hairs on our white furniture.

  4. Hi, Linda, the fabric is actually Ikea's Ritva curtain panels - linen weave and look, but 100% cotton. Removable, machine-washable, and half the cost of buying a similar fabric by the yard. :)

  5. Um...I'm assuming you went ahead and put the cushion cover together first so you'd have one...other wise, no wonder you hate putting in zippers. Cuz it's gonna be a pain that way, lol. (falls in the category of telling you things you already know--but that's what moms are for, even surrogate ones, eh?) I have to get my slip cover made for mine...I've only had the fabric for, what, two years now?

  6. LOL - Yeah, I'll have to take part of the back apart to get the zippers in; but getting the thing *done* in time for T-day guests outweighed, in this case, a little pain in the butt later.

    I gripe about zippers a lot, I know...but really, it's not zippers I have a beef with. It's that my old machine did them *beautifully*, but my new fast machine SUCKS at zippers, and I'm too lazy to hook up the old machine just for a zipper. Same deal with buttonholes, actually - which is exactly why I have one long table with both machines set up on top of it, so I can wheel back and forth. It works really well when half the table isn't buried under a mound of junk. Oops. xD


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