01 November 2010


Weekend To-Do List:

1.   Halloween party:  check (also awesome!)
2.   Friend's wedding: check
3.   Garage cleanup: check!  (not completely finished; update & pics later this week)
4.   Conversion of office file cart to awesome red rolling tool cart:  check! (ditto on the pics)
5.   Ikea shopping trip with birthday gift card: check!

Actually, the first half of the Ikea trip was kinda frustrating.  I'd planned on picking up a cute new set of dishes to replace the old, beat-up, mismatched ones I currently use, only to find that they only had one color left in the store, and it was ugggg-lee.  My second choice? More expensive and less cute than advertised on the website.  I'd also thought about getting a new chair for my sewing table, but once again: more expensive and not as cute.  There was another chair that was on clearance for what I wanted to pay...but it was baby-pink.  Bleh.
I did, however, pick up:

The UNG DRILL mirror I've been lusting after for what seems like a million years.  I threw a poster into it and worked it into the art arrangement on my bedroom wall; but I'm really unhappy with the results.  I'll be playing with that later in the week.

This plastic cutlery tray which I'll be using in the newly-painted file tool cart in my workshop.

This cute little microwave dish cover , since I melted my last one several months ago by leaving it on a still-warm stove burner (oops).

A PRESSA ironing board cover in the black/white pattern at the top right of this picture.  I love the fabric, but had only seen it at Ikea in the form of bedroom textiles, which were too expensive to justify buying only to tear up and make into an ironing board cover.  I never could find anything similar in fabric stores, either - but there this was yesterday, already an ironing board cover, and for only five bucks! Awesome!

And, last but not least, another set of brown RITVA curtains so I can finish the couch cover!  The first part, if you're keeping score, happened in July.  Hi, my name is Laura, and I'm a chronic procrastinator...).

These are the weekends where I feel like I need to go back to work Monday, so I can restWhew!


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