23 November 2010

It's a Jungle In Here

You may or may not have noticed, but, I have kind of a lot of houseplants.  Thirty-eight of them, to be exact, and that's not counting small jars and vases full of clippings that I've always got rooting to either turn into new plants or use to fill out arrangements that are looking a bit bare.

Allow me to introduce a few:

This basket in my master bathroom contains Pothos Ivy (1), Heart-Leaf Philodendron (2) and a variety of fuzzy green-and-purple Tradescantia (3) which I believe to be T. pallida.

A Ficus (4) (one of three) and a Dracaena Warneckii (5) on my fireplace hearth (and a few little jars of cuttings on the mantel).


A variety of Wax Plant (6) in my living room - and a coffee plant (7) behind it. This picture's pretty old - that Coffee plant is practically dead these days.  It's been knocked over, dried out, over-watered, eaten by cats, left outside in the cold - tough little thing, but I think it's had enough. I've been debating trying to save it one last time or just tossing it on the compost pile. 

Two large pots of Pothos and Heart-Leaf Philodendron over the desk in my "office".   I have to take the Pothos down to water it;  but the Philo has a nifty little drip-tray that hangs off the basket which keeps the computer from getting rained on.  I really need to get more of those for the rest of my hanging plants.

The Bird of Paradise (8) on the left is officially the biggest houseplant I've ever owned, mostly because every time this thing puts out a new leaf, it gains a foot of height!  The leaves come out rolled tightly, and I love it when I'm around when one decides to unfurl - they just *OPEN!* all at once.  FWOOSH!   It's actually already two leaves taller than it was in this picture just a couple of months ago - and only one leaf away from coming down off its stand onto the floor.

On the right is another Ficus. It and the one on the fireplace were originally in the same pot; I separated them this year so I could have two. Hee!

This wee Panama Hat (9) now lives on top of the dvd shelves behind the couch, because one of my cats is an avid plant-muncher, and when he found this plant on the table? He nearly destroyed it in a single night.  Now it's up out of reach, and coming back beautifully.

The third, and largest of my Ficus trees (10), which really needs a fantabulous new pot and MORE SUNLIGHT.   I actually just moved this to my bedroom window, and replaced it last night with a 5' Majesty Palm from Ho Depot that was marked down to $10 because it was kinda sad-looking...but all it needed was a trim and a new pot.  It's *gorgeous*. 

The twin arrangements on my front porch, composed of green and red Caladiums (11), Sansivieria (12), and purple Sweet Potato Vine (13).  This is what they look like in Spring when the Caladiums and SPV are up and running.  In the fall it's just the Sans;  this Summer I stuck one of my surviving Dracaena marginata (14) cuttings into the pot on the right, and it's doing really, really well.

tiny spiderweb, hee!
The marginata was 13 years old, and 7' high.  Last October while I was in the hospital, Daisy *shredded* it in typical destructo-puppy fashion.  I managed to salvage eight cuttings of the plant, but only two ended up surviving - and one was later chewed to bits by a Very Bad Cat.  I called the plant "Marge" - it was my very first houseplant.   :(

...and that's only a little less than half of my collection.  :)

*  *  *  

I dunno about you, but every time I read a post about someone's plants, I want at least one of them and can't find it by the common name - so here's some nomenclature info, just in case you want/need it:
  1. Pothos, or Devil's Ivy - Epipremnum aureum
  2. Heart-Leaf Philodendron - Philodendron scandens
  3. Tradescantia is varied and popular - you've probably seen purple "Wandering Jew", striped "Zebrina", or fluffy and white-flowered "Tahitian Bridal Veil." 
  4. Ficus benjamina, also called Weeping Fig, Benjamin's Fig, or just "Ficus Tree" (which is what I call it).  
  5. Dracena warneckii - aka Striped Dracaena...which I think is kind of dumb, since most of the varieties of D. that you see for sale are striped in some way.
  6. Wax Plant - this variety is Hoya carnosa
  7. Coffea arabica
  8.  Bird of Paradise - Strelitzia nicolai - mine is the white-flowered variety, but even though it gets enough light indoors to grow and thrive, it doesn't get enough light to produce flowers.
  9. Panama Hat palm - Carludovica palmata - this is the palm from which actual Panama hats are woven. 
  10. This Ficus is a variegated one - same botanical name, unknown variety. (Nan?)
  11. Caladium bicolor - I'm not entirely sure of the variety, I believe they're "Red Flash"
  12. Sansivieria trifasciata - aka "Mother in Law Tongue" or "Snake Plant."  I've always just called them Sansivieria. 
  13. Sweet Potato Vine - Ipomoeia batatas, "Blackie" (deep purple-black with some red highlights)
  14. Dracaena marginata, also called Dragon Tree or Striped Dracaena (a lot of Dracaenas are just called "striped", which is one reason I prefer to use botanical names).  
  15. "Janet Craig" is just one of many varities of D. deremensis 
  16. Zamioculcas zamiifolia is one of my favorite tropical plants - I think it looks kind of dinosaur-y, hehe, though it's a relatively new plant,



  1. Kinda miss my big ficus tree...but it seems to be happy with you. Can't wait to see what kind of pot you put it in.

  2. I love all your plants Laura. Especially the ones hanging in your bathroom. We have brought all our plants inside now 'coz of the cold weather here and they sure are missing some sunlight.

  3. A home after my own heart! I really really loved your jungle :)


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