17 November 2010

Kitchen B&A: New Dishums

After lots of web-combing, and trips to Target and Ikea, finally Kress and I trekked down to San Marcos to the outlet mall to go to the Pyrex/Corningware/Corelle outlet this week and found the new dishes I'd been hoping to score.

[Interestingly enough, it's 23.9 miles from my house to San Marcos, which is an entirely different city; and 30.2 miles from my house to Ikea...which is actually in Round Rock, also a different city, but going to Ikea doesn't really feel like traveling to a different city, since I have to cross all of Austin to get there and there's no open space in between.  This largely irrelevant digression brought to you by Google Maps.]

Anyway, I didn't take a "before" picture because I was just SURE I had one somewhere online, except, I totally didn't.  Which makes sense, given how crammed full of STUFF my kitchen cabinets were - I didn't exactly want to show them off, you know?  And since I don't have the doors on my cabinets...yeah.  You see where I'm going with that.  So in addition to getting new dishes, I also spent a couple of nights this week culling through the old, storing some stuff away and donating the rest to Goodwill.

Plus I broke a wine glass the other night, so that's even less clutter.  *facepalm*

So that now...

Thaaaaat's better.  :)  I'm not entirely crazy about the end result, but I'm still playing with the balance of things in there. 

The dishes are Corelle "Dazzling White" and "White Flower", at $3-4 apiece at the outlet store  - clean, smooth, simple, and inexpensive.  (The "White Flower" plates have a...wait for it....flower on them, but the soup/cereal bowls are solid white, and a smoother shape than the bowls that went with "Dazzling").  Also practically Laura-proof (shatter/chip resistant).  I bought about half as many as I actually want to keep on hand;  I'll get the rest after Thanksgiving after all the holiday weirdness is over.

Also pictured above:

  • the cutting boards I made
  • Ikea's VARSAM serving trays in white
  • Kitchen cabinet interiors that are actually a pale, muted chicken-egg blue and looked exactly that way against the old sand-colored wall color, but which now appear to be almost exactly the same gray as the walls when viewed against them. Thankfully, I like the effect.  I am SO not painting all that over again.   

action shot!



  1. You're getting way too uptown for me, girlfriend ;) and you do have a before shot...and it's not that bad. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_71vSjCFsbqU/S__848IzwCI/AAAAAAAABxg/dEJxjkm2CM0/s400/kitchen+cabinets+-+after+-+blue.jpg

  2. Oh, right, hehe. Yeah - that was the before-before shot. Before Kress moved in when it was only my tiny collection of stuff. We just shoved all his stuff in there with mine and never really organized it, hehe. 0:)

  3. Yah, but I've seen it since then. Wasn't really that bad, even then. Well...compared to my place, yanno, it's downright bare!


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