19 November 2010

Running Around With My Hair On Fire

The pre-Thanksgiving to-do list:

The Small Stuff (none of these things will take me more than 30 minutes): 

  • Take the Goodwill stuff to Goodwill (it's already in my truck; so I can do it on the way home any day...just not today)
  • Dust the blinds in the living room
  • clean up the dogs' water bowl area
  • go through the blanket cabinet and bring out the winter throw blankets for the couch and bed
  • test out Thanksgiving centerpiece design ideas with various clippings from my gardens
  • sew the strap on the new bag I got at the renaissance festival so I can use it as a purse (it's too long, but easily altered)
  • re-arrange the curtains on the bed
  • quit screwing around and *fix* the bedroom art wall situation
  • re-pot two large houseplants
  • move a couple of houseplants to different locations
  • "wash" the cats (I don't bathe them, but with three dogs + hard floors, the cats get really dusty, so about once a week I kind of buff them down with a damp towel, both to keep my allergies down and so the cats don't have to work as hard to keep themselves clean.  I don't need anyone developing an obsessive-licking thing).

The Big Stuff:
  • finish making the cushion covers for the couch;  also remove the base unit cover, wash it, put it back on, and stapled it underneath to make it "finished"
  • scrub, degloss, and repair scratches on the coffee table, then  give it a fresh clear-coat (which wouldn't take me that long, except I'll have to take it out to the garage in order to keep the cats off of it while the poly dries)
  • paint the frame of this rattan chair in the living room (that I've never shown you, sorry);  and, if I have fabric I like for it, make new cushion covers - if not, cover it with an awesome throw blanket.
  • wash the dogs
  • clean up the cats' litterbox area (under the guest bathroom sink;  I scoop every day and vacuum up over-spray, but once a week I pull the pans out and scrub under the cabinets and wash the pans themselves)
  • wash the plants (I dust them regularly, but every 3-4 months I take them all out into the yard and hose them off and leave them in the sun to dry - they LOVE it). 

Have a good weekend, everyone!

*edited to add:  strikethroughs Sunday Nov. 21st - done over the weekend!


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