18 November 2010

Wall Hangings

Home "sick" today with a migraine.  I'm vertical at the moment, though this morning I couldn't stand, and could barely see...so, no driving to work, obviously.  Been asleep most of the day, letting the pain pills do their stuff.  But I'm up for lunch for a bit.  Figured while I was conscious I'd share some pics.

This is the  Kali/Shiva tapestry that Kress bought for us at the renaissance festival last weekend, hemmed and mounted in the bedroom where the sari quilt used to be:

The quilt + bookshelf combination was just a bit too much for this wall, but the Kali tapestry is *awesome* here.

A couple of weeks ago I moved the sari quilt out to the living room, where it lives happily ever after:

Three drums, a basket of blankets, a ficus tree, and a violin walk into a bar...

Going back to bed now.  Bye.



  1. oh my... that looks gorgeous.. Hey.. I love that mini collection of drums I can see.. wow!! wow!!

  2. There are three more, too! :) Kress and I are both big drum-circle drummers. The little red Doumbek in the picture is my "new" baby - I got it this past April. :)


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