22 November 2010

Bedroom Art Wall!

In the meantime (while I await that elusive moment when I'm home during daylight hours (stupid Daylight Savings Time) and happen to catch that ONE MINUTE during the day when the living room is actually fully lit by the windows so that I can get a decent picture of the couch cover that is *finished*),  I have fixed the art wall and the Ung Drill frame in the bedroom!

before - meh.

After:  yay!
The "painting" (a printout made with Blockposter.com) is a section of Bougereau's Evening Mood, which is one of my favorite paintings in the entire world.   Also shown: a couple of pairs of Divine Lovers (Radha/Krishna and Shiva/Parvati) and a print of a Thai tapestry depicting similar themes, one of my favorite Orientalist Odalisques (which one, though...Fortuny? I think?), and a purple sitar painting from...somewhere?  Love, God, beauty, and music.  :)

taller nightstand; still-unplayed guitar



  1. Ungbakthing as frame > Ungbakthing as clock. Just my $.02.

  2. Nice. My old tables have a habit of showing up in your bedroom a lot... LOL

  3. @woodwitch: I agree! I also like it best upside-down like that.

    @Racu: can I help it if you keep giving me awesome tables that make perfect nightstands? :)

  4. Yeah, well... and I agree with woodwitch, defmo bettah as a frame.


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