15 November 2010

Coming Attractions

Things I've Done In the Past Few Days About Which I Have Not Yet Blogged: 
  • moved the sari quilt from the wall in the bedroom to a wall in the living room (much, much better there!)
  • hung something up on the bedroom wall in its place that I don't like there, which will be coming back down any day now
  • [Kress] purchased a *beaufitul*  hand-painted Kali+Shiva fabric wall hanging at the little Indian shop at the renaissance festival on Saturday (called Kala Gurjari, but alas, they don't have a website)  
  • (Also purchased:  shoulder bag made from wool hand-woven tapestry from here, pair of green wrap-pants and a deep blue embroidered kurta from here, and some new incense from my favorite incense maker, here (it's pure incense - no stick, so, no burning-stick smell when you get to the end!)  ...None of which has anything to do with decor, but...squee!! :) 
  • got off my butt finally and sewed covers for the seat cushions of the couch!  Now all I have left is to make the back cushions! 

More, and pictures, to come, later this week.  Today I'm dealing with MONDAY.  Boooo!  ;)


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  1. The new wall hanging sounds wonderful! as does the pure incense...I usually cart a busload back with me, but with airlines slapping on charges for each extra ounce, i'll probably need to start looking "local".

    Love what you've done with your couch reupholster! WOW.


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