26 August 2010

Dining Room Artwork - For Free!

I finally decided on a mirror for that empty wall in the dining room...and since I can't afford to go out and buy the perfect one at the moment, I went ahead and hung artwork there instead, in a frame I already had and wasn't using.  Problem solved!  Hee.

This is the part where I plug someone else's website -  I made this Buddha poster with BlockPosters.com.  The photograph itself is from a free desktop wallpaper that I downloaded and the cropped into the right shape.  I upoloaded the .jpg to BlockPosters, which enlarges an image and slices it up, rendering it into a .pdf file so it can be printed out at home on several sheets of paper and assembled into whatever frame or other display format you wish.  And it's completely free! 

The bar over the poster is a carved wooden tapestry-hanger that I got from Earthbound Trading Company at the outlet mall in San Marcos, TX last year.  I have a pair of them - and while I have hung tapestries from them, I find I really just like the sticks themselves.  I really like this one above the poster:



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  1. Laura, Its perfect, I love the bar you've hung above it as well! I've been looking at options for making free art for my space as well, and i love the idea of the block poster thing. Thanks for the link!


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