30 August 2010

Wildebeest: Kitchen Chalkboard

Man, I hope every day this week goes as quickly as this day has gone.  I'm ready for a three-day weekend!

I have an update for you this week (kitchen pot rack: finished)!  And a couple of new projects - mostly just painting - to (a) get done this week and then (b) blog about.

In the meantime, since most of the rest of this week is going to be about the kitchen (and since I have nothing prepared for today, since I spent the weekend doing nothing, more or less), allow me to show you the chalkboard I made for my pantry door earlier this year:

Whee!  It's very simple, and very lightweight, since I wasn't confident about this hollow-core door's ability to hold much weight (especially since there are shelves on the inside of it).

It's simply a piece of Masonite, with the edges sanded smooth, which has been primed and painted white.  I taped off the center and used black chalkboard paint (3 coats), leaving a "frame" of white board around the outside edges.

I love having a chalkboard in my kitchen.  It looks awesome on the pantry door; and it's been soooo useful.  I don't forget stuff at the grocery store anymore, now that I can turn around and add something to the list the second I realize I'm out of it.  YAY.


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