06 August 2010


No pants for me this week  - though I did make a quick, easy little knit top to wear to work, from a 7/8-yard remnant I got on sale at the fabric store yesterday for a *dollar*.  I had a similar top (in blue) that I'd started months ago and never finished, so I did, and now I have TWO cute little knit tops for work.  Yay, new clothes!

Spending my online time during the week reading has kept me from keeping up with my daily blog reads.  I'm SO backed up!  These people are prolific!

I see some maintenance in my future, around the house.  I don't know what's going on with me this week, but I can NOT stop spilling and breaking things!  The other day, it was my desk.  Last night, the apothecary cup in my master bathroom, which I loved and can't replace.  I'm spilling stuff everywhere, throwing pens at myself when I try to pick them up, I keep cutting myself and breaking nails and pulling hair;  last night I sprayed some WD-40 on the squeaky hinges on my backdoor and missed and stained my newly painted wall.  *FACEPALM* 

Maybe this is a clue from the Universe as to what to do with all that sheet foam I have stored in my craft room:  a Nerf Suit!  Maybe some stylish bubble-wrap mittens to go with it.  

I stopped by Hancock Fabrics yesterday after work, too, for the "Better Than Tax-Free" sale going on - mostly for the 5/5 sale I saw advertised on their Facebook page.  Five Simplicity patterns for $5 (limit 15); when I got there I found out that Butterick patterns are on for 97-cents - all this runs until Sunday.

I got patterns for a shirt (2690) and a few costume patterns (2851, 3758, 4249, and 9769).  And the purple remnant which I made into a top last night (and am wearing right now!)

Free Paint!
Gotcha!  Free paint for *me*.  I lucked into a great salvage this week - 5 nearly-full cans of paint left out on the curb, free for the taking, in front of a house in my neighborhood that's being fixed up.  Whee!  Three of the cans I've looked into, and the paint's in great shape.  There's a mint green, a light blue that's very close to the light blues I already use in my house (yay!) and a muted baby-pink that...maybe...could be made into another color.  :P   All three are Behr colors from Home Depot.

The other two are a mystery.  No labels on the outside, except for a sticker on one indicating that they originally came from Sears (Sears has paint?) - no color, no clue as to the finish; and, as they're starting to rust around the edges on the outside, the paint in there might not even be usable.  But I'll check that out this weekend when I have time to monkey with them - I couldn't get them open the other day when I checked the others.

In the Works
Smallish things I plan to try to get done this weekend:
  • finish painting the brackets I plan to use to hang that Indian sari-quilt on my bedroom wall
  • take my sewing table apart and paint it, re-arrange the furniture in the sewing room, and hang a bulletin board in there
  • some stenciling around the place I've been putting off
  • artwork I've been meaning to do since June
  • more sewing (pants)



  1. Yah, Sears has paint, lol. They, like Penneys and Monkey Wards used to carry EVERYTHING, fabric, sewing stuff, beds, carpet, you name it, and of course, houses. At least Sears had houses.

    Aaaanyway...I have a can of flat, almost black, purple paint you could maybe mix with the pink? Get some shade of pah-nurple, dunno.

  2. sari-quilt!?!...sounds interesting!LOL about the WD-40....better than spraying yourself in the face(Thank god I wear glasses!!!)


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