18 August 2010

Table Top August

Patty over at Colors Dekor has declared August to be Table Top Month - I was a little late to join the link party, but I still wanted to play along. :)  Please visit Patty's blog to see lovely tabletop arrangements on her post from Aug. 2; and for all the other lovely pictures and posts that she shares with us!

My favorite tabletop arrangement from my home is this one, from my living room:

The table itself is a sort of mishmash of parts:  a glass table top that I had leftover from a small (and broken) 3-legged round table; a wicker patio table base I found for $5 at a garage sale, which I took home, cleaned, and spray-painted black; and a silver etched tray from Ikea. 

The plant on it doesn't actually belong to me, lol.  A friend brought it to me last Fall to "fix up" - the plant was in need of some new soil and a little bit of TLC;  after it grew in nicely my friend decided to leave it in my care where she could visit it from time to time.  It's become a running joke between us - every time she comes over, I ask her if she's ever going to take her plant home, and she replies, "Maybe next month."  :o)

My favorite item on the table - maybe my favorite item in the whole room - is the little incense burner, which is a ceramic African Violet planter filled with sand that someone brought to me from the beach, and a silver-and-garnet necklace that I wrapped around the top.

Though not a "table top", this arrangement on my fireplace mantel is a favorite of mine, too, for the colors, and for the way the light reflected in the mirror catches the glass and silver and makes them sparkle.

(Can you tell I'm a bit of a plant nut?  Between these two pictures, there are seven visible in this post - I have something like forty-five in all, at the moment!) 



  1. Oh hey laura, i'm a big plant nut as well!! :) Love your mantle!

  2. forty five... really!! gosh!!! Loved this post and am now going to attempt to link you in.. :-)

  3. Laura, thank you so much for voting for me! Let me know if you plan on entering as well! :)


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