11 August 2010

Testicular Fortitude and Painting Furniture

Surely you've figured out that I love blue in all its forms - especially teals and turquoises.  

I have a special place in my heart (at the moment) for worn, distressed, teal-painted cabinets and chests and doors.  

from around the interwebs

I also have this china cabinet in my dining room, which I love with all my heart: 

It was a gift from my ex-in-laws several years ago, who'd purchased it to stage a home they were selling, but then didn't want to keep when they moved. 

I've arranged all my herbs, teas, and spices in pretty little jars and boxes inside the upper cabinets - inspired by the *awesome* pantry cabinets at The Aunts' house in Practical Magic (which is one of my all-time favorite movies):  

 images and other wonderful things from the fansite Amas Veritas

I'm also test-driving a diamond-y window leading pattern (like this) on the glass doors by way of a Sharpie marker and a ruler, hehe.  The plan was that I could easily clean the marker off the glass if I hated the look - but I love it, and plan to upgrade to decorative press-on leading from the hobby store on that fated "One of These Days."

MY question is - do I have the balls to paint my china cabinet a distressed teal?  Do I paint the whole thing, or just the inside? 

(I SUCK at photoshop, lol)





  1. :D the interweb waits and watches!!!! (I'd say go for it, but I don't want to be the "one who pushed you into it"). What does the rest of your space look like...will it fit in or stand out(sore thumb?). If your dining room is anything like your boudoir (from the sneak peek)...go for it...
    also, is it really expensive wood?..anything irreplaceable?...then nix the idea.

  2. The rest of the dining room is basically a blank slate - I've been working on it, v e r y s l o w l y this year (I'm horrible at making follow-up posts, but I believe I said something about the table and posted a sketch a month ago or so). The whole house is slowly being nudged towards a similar theme to the bedroom, though in a less flamboyant way.

    The piece was free, to me, but it wasn't anything major to begin with - mass-produced stuff, but solid wood (oak, I believe). And if I need to un-do it at any point, I'm pretty handy with the power tools. :)

  3. take some fabric or paper the color you like, and put it up on the inside for a bit and see how you like it.


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