10 August 2010

Thank You, Ikea. You Can Keep Your Job.

I have received the new 2011 Ikea catalogLOVE

  • The photo-styling in these things is just awesome.  Well-balanced, excellent use of color, and especially light.  
  • I love that Ikea uses REAL people in their catalogs - not bland, boring models, but real people of all colors, sizes, and ethnicities.  Multi-racial families, dirty babies, people larger than a size 2, rag-tag little kids jumping on furniture, and teenagers with pink hair!  AWESOME.  
  • I love the page in every catalog where they showcase and explain all the little things they're doing this year to make products more eco-friendly, more affordable, and easier to ship and store.  
  • I love the way the rooms showcased in the catalog look lived in - not just pretty show rooms, but like actual homes with activity and people and just a little bit of mess...and *cords* coming from TVs and lamps.  Yay. 

Next Time I Go:
  • 2 more pairs of the LILL mesh curtains, for my dining room bay window
  • 1 pair of the sheer SARITA curtains in royal blue - and maybe by the time I go they'll have a peacock color again, too, or maybe a jewel-green - for my guest bath (which is currently green and purple, but wants to be green and blue and peacock feathers)
  • bright turquoise and green and cobalt-blue towels for my guest bath
  •  More LJUVLIG and DIOD glassware for my kitchen - I have some of the dusty blue platters and cups from last year; there's a cobalt blue this year, and it looks like they still have the plum.  Mmmm. 
  • The PJAS storage baskets and the ALSEDA stool - because I *love* the smell of dried banana fibers.  Heaven. 
  • The new ARYD and HERRANG series of candleholders.  Pretty!  
  • The UNG DRILL frame, which I desperately want to make into a mirror, or possibly a really bad-ass clock. 
  • This black/white floral comforter cover, which I forget the name of, and can't find in the new catalog OR online - but my local store still has it.  I guess I'd better snap it up before it's discontinued.  It wants to become curtains for my sewing room, and a cover for my large ironing board! 
 (from page 12)

Dear Bag-of-Money-In-the-Street Fairy...



  1. when you meet the BOMITS fairy, please put in a good word for me...
    wish we had an Ikea here! :(

  2. Heehee. I will :) I'm SO glad we got one here - they just opened it in Round Rock (smallish city to the north of Austin) a couple of years ago. It's like an AMUSEMENT PARK OF SHOPPING. *dies*


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