31 August 2010

Plants + Sewing Room

So...ever wondered where the inspiration for all those awesome wallpapers comes from?  Here's one:

 various "Acanthus" prints in wallpaper, tile, sculpture, stencils, fabrics

actual Acanthus plant (Acanthus mollis, a.k.a. "Bears' Breeches") 

And, just as a teaser...

Mood board for my sewing/craft room, as I slowly accumulate things I need to pull it off - which includes several variations on a black-white-green acanthus-y  "damask" theme. 

More on that when I actually get working in that room - gotta get the laundry room painted, then the craft room is next!


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  1. OMG...my weird dream last night had wallpaper samples...and an earthquake. Go figure.


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