25 August 2010

Living Room Update II: The Living Room!

I've posted bits and pieces and small vignettes before, the couch cover that I'm still not done with, and a bit about the changes I've made to the windows at the South end of the room, but I haven't shown you the entire space yet since I painted.

note: this picture from last week? I've totally changed it, LOL.  Check back tomorrow.

Here's the actual "living room" part of the giant space that encompasses my living room and office area.  Sadly, I'm not done with the couch cover, as you can see - it still needs cushion covers!  I have such trouble photographing this room, because of the positioning of the windows and the light fixtures in the room - something always makes it too dark or the wrong color - this is pretty close to the actual color of the walls.

The next two shots, though, capture the actual color pretty perfectly.   Warm, soft, dove-grey (Behr's "Woodsmoke").    

Going clockwise around the room, behind and to the right of the couch is the fireplace, and this pair of shelves that house my DVDs and other media.  One of the shelves was built by my father before I was born - a couple of years ago I took it apart , cleaned up the joinery, which was falling apart, re-stained it, and then built a mate for it with a slightly shallower profile.

On the other side of the media shelves is a small L-shaped hallway that leads back into the master suite. (It'll get its own before-and-after in coming weeks).  It got the same grey paint that the living room did - the doorway and hall are less of a visual obstruction when done in the same color scheme.  There's a painted picture rail at about shoulder-height in the hallway, below which is my "family" photo wall - black and white photos of my friends (taken by one, who is an *awesome* photographer), a shot of me and my best friend together and another of me and my boyfriend that I simply printed out in black and white to match.

Above the white "picture rail" will eventually be painted a blue color, sort of an homage to the blue domes, doors, and archways that you see in the traditional architecture of the Mediterranean and Middle East.  I haven't decided on the exact shade of blue yet - until I do, the "sky" in the hallway remains grey. We'll just imagine that it's raining in there at the moment.  ;o)

To the right of this hallway is an empty wall with the aquarium and stand that I wrote about here;  and past that the door to the entrance hall, and the window that separates the office and kitchen - but that's another post!


I'm pleased to say that the planned  color scheme is coming along exactly as I hoped it would - and that I'm happy with it.  I hate, hate, hate it when I get halfway through a project and then realize that I just don't like it, because either it's not working the way I thought it would, or because I've already changed my mind about it before it's done.  

That said, I do have a bit of a tweak - a new element I hadn't originally planned to add, but one I feel I need, and am very excited about.  You'll just have to wonder what it is until I give it its own post.  0:)


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