23 August 2010

Meditation Space Available (Inquire Within)

Good morning!  Happy Monday, too.  Wanna see what I did over the weekend?* 

My heart really, really wants this just outside my  back door - to relax in on a rainy day, or sit and meditate in on cool mornings...

(Picture credit unknown - please comment if you know where this came from)

Mine would have one of these on it:

And lots of brightly colored lanterns and candles hanging above and all around:

But instead, I have this:

usairnet.com's heat index for Aug. 21st

*sound of brakes screeching* 

Oh, well.

For years I've simply plopped down on whatever expanse of floor in my house was available, sometimes with a pillow or a blanket under me, sometimes not.   These days, though, it hurts me to sit on the floor - so I'd been thinking about building a raised platform to pile cushions on top of.  Something a bit more springy than the hard floor.

Where, though?  Here, maybe, I thought, in this little empty corner of the living room under the windows:

It's out of the way enough, lit - but not heated, thankfully - by the windows all around, with a view of the garden outside and already sheltered by plants.  This picture kept springing to mind...

(photo by Di Lewis, from the book India Style by Alexandra Bonfante-Warren)

That's made of pallets!  Pallets, which are available for free just about anywhere you look - I found a stack of them behind my local grocery store over the weekend, and picked out several nice, relatively new ones from the pile (with permission, of course).  I took two apart and used the slats from both to make a new, sturdier top on one, sanded it, and painted it.  A few pillows, candles, and houseplants later...


Aside from the pallets, this entire space was made with stuff I already had - candles, plants, the little ceramic cuppa-sand with incense sticks in it...

The little plant here I separated from the big palm-y looking one hanging over the area - a Bird of Paradise.  ...does that make this one a Chick of Paradise?

I really, really wanted to get a little brass Ganesh for this corner - and I found one at World Market over the weekend that I almost bought, but, it'll have to wait until payday.

In the meantime...

THAT didn't take long!  Silly kitty.  This is Rabi  (pronounced "robbie").  I was fully expecting this little corner to turn into a dog bed the second I turned my back, but Rabi and his feline brothers and sisters claimed it almost immediately.  I don't mind sharing. :)



  1. hey came upon your blog after you left a lovely comment on mine. Thank you for that! I love what you have done with the pallets...you have made yourself what we in India call a "baithak", in other words low seating! Robi seems to like it :-)

  2. Love the baithak you've created for yourself...and the pallet idea is genius!!

  3. Oh lovely.. lovely.. Im in love with the first image.. and the one with the lanterns.. so nice..

    I like your pallet idea.. very nice.. very nice.. I had something similar as well... Have a look..


    But yours looks lovely.. youve got a gorgeous window and an awesome home!! :-)

  4. Thank you, everyone :) (And thanks for the word - I had no idea that's what those were called!)

    Aw, Patty, I love your little pallet corner! You do such great corner arrangements, I love looking at them. :)

  5. Loved your gorgeous 'Baithak'...pallet corner!!..it's very cozy and warm..you have created an amazing home..very creative!!
    Also, thanks a ton for your kind words on my blog..do stay in touch :)


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