13 August 2010

A Round Tuit (Bedroom)

First of all, I apologize for being *horrible* at making follow-up posts!  HOW many times have I posted about ideas and things I was going to get around to and then...nothing?

Well, here's one!   Remember this sari-quilt that my friend gave to me a while back?

With the help of some old wooden brackets and some sections of wooden flagpole salvaged for me by another friend from her workplace (thank you!), I hung the quilt on the wall of my bedroom last night:

I'ts just too beautiful NOT to look at every day, but I wouldn't dare put it on my bed where it would be ruined by my cats.  It's almost folded in half - I really wanted both the rectangular center and the overlapping chevron-y/parquet-floor-like pattern of the sari borders to show (and if there are any quilters reading this who know what that's actually called, please comment and let me know so that I can sound like less of a doofus in the future). 

It needs something underneath besides bare wall, though.  There's a long, low bookshelf in the living room that I'm thinking about bringing in.  More on that later. 


(Also, following up on the follow-up thing...hee..I shall endeavor to get you some updated dining room pics over the weekend!) 



  1. I'm sooo glad those flagpoles have gone to a good use. The other guy I gave some too hasn't even taken them home yet :(

    Var'prettee, ma'dear. :D

  2. It looks great Laura, the bookshelf sounds like a good idea too...and can't wait to see pics of the dining room, now that you've taken the plunge... :) (can I request you for a home-tour when you're ready??) please???? my mail id is: gdbinvt[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. Thanks, Racu - the rest of the flagpole sections? Ended up being an extra clothing bar in Boyfriend's closet. Yay!

    GB - sure! I'm SO flattered you asked! I'll see what I can do about some decent photos in the next couple of days, and send you an email. Thanks!

  4. This is sooo lovely. Glad I found your blog through Gagan's! Hope you can stop by My Dream Canvas! Take care Anu

  5. Hi Anu! I read [Your] Dream Canvas all the time, and I love it! I'm just horrible at taking the time to say hi, I'm sorry. HI! :o)


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